• Cape Floral Kingdom

    …is the richest floral kingdom in the world. Would you like us to help you show-case it in your garden?

  • Gardens for Birds

    – indigenous gardens make our birds feel at home.

  • Fynbos Gardens

    Let us help you select some Fynbos to compliment the finer things in your life.

  • Water Wise Gardens

    …don’t have to be dull. We can set your garden alight with sensational succulents.

  • Wildlife Havens

    – with the right selection of plants, in the right places, we can bring ‘wildlife’ to your doorstep.

What we do:
  • Transform Existing Gardens
  • Create New Gardens
  • Monthly Maintenance
Why buy plants yourself, when for the same price we offer you:

An interesting diversity of Cape Floral Kingdom and other indigenous plants, striking soft and hard scaping, and years of experience and expertise.

The greatest gift of a garden is that it connects you with Nature.

Gardening from an early age with my mother, I inherited her love, passion and knowledge of our incredible floral kingdom in Namaqualand, where she grew up.

Erina Botha
ND in Nature Conservation
30 years of gardening experience

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