Soft Scaping

We’ll start your garden from scratch or transform an existing garden.

  • Soft scaping is done by first placing feature plants to create the look, colour combinations and private, secluded nooks for your needs. They’re also selected to attract birds, bees and butterflies to make your garden more interesting.
  • Creepers are used to soften or dramatise walls, trees or fences and for creating atmosphere.
  • Preference is given to shrubs and creepers indigenous to the Western Cape, South Africa and southern Africa – that way your garden offers you and visitors a unique local fauna and flora experience.
  • Feature plants grow tall and some also become bushy. They’re placed sufficiently apart to give them space to grow to their natural size. The space between feature plants are covered with filler plants of different heights and ground covers of different ‘textures’ – some fine-leaved, some lush-leaved (see Filler Plants).